Gavin Smith, President of Bosch Australia, enthralled everyone at the April lunch. Providing insights into the future with the introduction of smartphones as the new Life Support Device. It will know when to wake us up in order to get us to our first appointment of the day (which it will also know). It will have the coffee ready, the bathroom temperature set to your preference and your driverless car waiting to take you to whatever mode of transport it sees as the quickest on that day. This will all be possible with the Internet of Things and a gazillion pieces of data being collected and analysed to ensure that life will run smoothly in the not too far away future.

Seven nominated businesses presented for two minutes each providing an insight into why they do what they do and what makes them great. With a variety of small, micro, franchise and corporate social responsibility categories represented the attendees were provided with a breadth of interests.

The first of our nominees was Holly Cardomone from Blue51 Communications who shared her experience and knowledge about how she can provide assurance and confidence to a business through advising on their communications strategy. Blue51 Communications were nominated in the micro category.

Our next nominee was nominated in the small business category which is open to businesses with between six and 20 employees. Anitech Consulting provides expert, technical assistance to businesses in process management, compliance advice and internal audits

Scientell is a science communication and marketing business specialising in planning and implementing communication strategies for scientific agencies. Their work is about distilling technical information for non-scientific audiences and they were nominated in the micro category.

In the franchise category, Con Stefanidis, Director of Century 21 Property Group shared his 30 years of experience in the property market in Clayton. Attention to detail and on going communications with their clients is what makes them a successful business.

The second business to present in the Small Business category was ECON Business Solutions. This consultancy firm are specialists in Credit File Repair, Business Consulting, Import and Export Consulting, Migration Services and much more.

In the Corporate Social Responsibility category we had Oakleigh based DVJS Employment Solutions present. DVJS assist people with disabilities to access suitable open employment opportunities, largely with local employers. They have placed thousands of people into work, changing their lives for the better and inspiring employers as they have assisted this process by giving them a job.

The last nominee presentation was from the micro category with Kate Wengier from Foost Pty Ltd. Foost promotes an Eat Colourful message. By sharing simple strategies, delicious recipes and fun activities, we create a healthier and more relaxed food culture in your home, school, workplace or community.